Thursday, December 13, 2007

instant messaging and facebook

I forgot to post something about IM. I added p. carlsen as a quick contact and we chatted back and forth a few times. It was o.k. Also, i went back to facebook -that is the site i went on for the social networking and created a profile - I didn't post a picture.
I downloaded a book on the computer at the rs office. I had done it a long time ago when Ricki was training everyone, but I hadn't looked at the site very much since then. I t isn't difficult and the step-by-step directions are easy.

I like the library website. One question I have had quite often at the rs desk is concerning the movie schedule here at the library. People from home looking on the website often are looking at the movie page rather than the events page. Maybe I am just missing it on the movie page - is it there? Could it be put on both pages?
In looking around the google doc's I thought the calendar was helpful - I posted some family things on it. Also I uploaded an old document and edited some changes on it. I thought the tools were easy to use.
I looked around the wikis page. I feel tentative about posting anything since the incident with one of our staffers changing everything around. It seems very easy to tamper with what other people have written and make changes and attribute it to someone else. I hope that there will be a discussion about this during staff day. Personally, i think posting things on the web leaves one in a vulnerable position.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I knew nothing about podcasting before this - it is interesting.
Social bookmarking was fun and easy.

flicker photos

I found this to be a difficult exercise - when I tried to upload a photo from my e-mail - it didn't work and I kept trying, and then I tried another photo which finally came through. I just looked and the first photo I tried finally came through - for some reason the first one took longer to appear.